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Chimney Sweeps image

Chimney Sweeps

As a CSIA certified chimney sweeper, Stone Mountain is prepared to offer the best Chimney Sweep possible, all at a reasonable and affordable rate.

Chimney Liners image

Chimney Liners

Flexible tube used to carry fumes up through the chimney, which will help keep the chimney clean and improve safety.

Chimney Repair image

Chimney Repair

As a Masonry company, we provide an excellent chimney repair and rebuilding service.

Stove Installation image

Stove Installation

Being F.I.R.E. and NFI certified, we specialize in ordering and installing stoves for our customers.

Custom Made Stoves image

Custom Made Stoves

Want a custom made stove/fireplace? You're in luck, we take pride in our work, and can deliver a high quality, custom made product just for you.

Stove Servicing image

Stove Servicing

It is important to maintain your vented appliances, like stoves. Luckily, we provide an excellent service for repairs, annual cleanings, etc.

Concrete Laying image

Concrete Laying

Masonry is in our blood. We're excellent concrete specialists.

Brick Laying image

Brick Laying

Being a masonry company, we have years of experience in brick laying, with quality you won't regret.